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What Lies Within Us

This is not just a bracelet... this was one of my first ever “synchronicities.”

In 2003, when I was 17-years-Old and a senior at Theodore Roosevelt High School, I was going through a lot. I was being tested. Like an iron in the fire. I was class president and only ran for this position because I promised to take a stand against bullying, cliques and the sadly all too common “high school” mentality that brings many teens to their knees with stress. I focused my energy on bringing people together by encouraging what I’ve always known... to love people for WHO they are. To not go off of the opinions or assumptions of others, yet to REALLY get to know someone.

Sadly, I became the target of manipulation, back-stabbing and awful “mean girl” behavior.

One morning, while sitting in class, I opened my daily RHS planner - which featured an inspiring quote for each week (so cool, right? Ya’ll know I’m a quote person!) I was having an exceptionally difficult week with mean girls spreading rumors and trying to turn friends against me. I remember promising myself to remain who I am and to never be shaken by those who find joy in tearing others down. Well, as I opened my planner for the week, these words lined the top of the page:


I about fell out of my seat!

THESE words were EXACTLY what I needed to keep going. To remember to NEVER stop being me, no matter the adversity, for it is what lies WITHIN us that matters most.

I remember telling my mom about this quote after school and how much it resonated with me. She had no doubt that it was put on my path for a reason.

So fast forward to my graduation party. Unbeknownst to me, my mom had secretly printed this quote on a large vinyl banner displayed proudly as the centerpiece of my grad party decor. I LOVED IT!!

Months later, after beginning school at Wayne State University in Detroit, I happen to be browsing the Marshall Fields website (now known as Macy’s) looking for a gift for someone in the jewelry section, when suddenly something caught my eye... an engraved silver bracelet with a preview title reading “what lies behind us...”


I stopped and thought, no way... this cannot be MY favorite quote on a bracelet! I excitedly clicked on the item and low and behold, there it was. My Ralph Waldo Emerson quote. I showed my mom, who without hesitation purchased it for me!

It was my first synchronicity!!

I knew in my heart that God would continue to validate my path, guide my steps and Divinely provide me with the necessary encouragement to KEEP GOING and to keep being ME.

Sixteen years later, worn, bent and far from perfect, my beloved bracelet proudly sits on this shelf. A daily reminder for me to never stop Believing in the magic of life, in myself and the power of words, when chosen wisely, have the ability to LITERALLY alter the course of one’s life or that of another.

So for those facing adversity, remember this... there is nothing greater than what lies WITHIN YOU. Keep climbing that mountain with grace, determination and a smile on your face. ❤️

Lovingly cheering you on,

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