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Speaker, Writer, Artist, Advocate & Founder of Inspire Somebody

My love for humanity, animals, the arts and advocacy, combined with a deeply rooted appreciation for nature and the world in which we reside, is the essence of who I am and shines bright in all that I do. I have a fierce passion for living life to the fullest, embracing my vulnerability and inspiring others to do the same as their most authentic selves! 
As a child raised by an exceptional single mother with humble beginnings, having experienced the loss of a parent at a young age, being a survivor of domestic violence, an advocate for warriors living with invisible chronic illness and pain and a voice for those who’ve been the target of bullying, I have made it my mission in life to tell my story and use it for good.
I'm a firm believer that regardless of our circumstances or the hardships that we may face along the way, that we are capable of deriving something positive from EVERY experience. I remain committed to taking what I've learned from my journey thus far and using it as an instrument to help others heal. With experience in Human Services, Social Work and Behavioral Health, in both volunteer and professional capacities, I recognize the importance of nurturing one's mental and emotional health, along with the utilization of the arts and creativity as a tool for healing.
My goal is not to "save" those I serve, yet rather empower others to believe in themselves and recognize their own resilient nature and unique abilities - which is where personal transformation truly begins!
It is critical to our advancement, as human beings, that we look beyond our struggles and realize that we have the power within ourselves to overcome, to learn, to grow and to achieve our hearts deepest desires. There are times in our lives, when we need someone to come along and ignite what is buried deep within us. For someone to remind us that we are not defined, nor are we limited by the challenges that we may be experiencing or the choices that we have made. We must simply be brave enough to feel our emotions and embrace our vulnerability as we peel back the complex layers of pain, fear and trauma that once prohibited us from tapping into our highest, most gifted selves. The essence of who we truly are.
Thank you for being a part of my world! I am grateful to share this precious experience that we call, "life," with you.

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