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Founder of Inspire Somebody, Creator of the "Capture, Create, Heal the World" Workshop and Co-Founder & President of "The Compassionate Village," a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Animal Rescue (THECOMPASSIONATEVILLAGE.ORG). Born and raised in Metro Detroit (now residing in Toledo, Ohio), Britni is a Fine Arts Photographer, Speaker, Writer, Visionary, Youth Mentor and Animal Advocate. With over sixteen years of combined volunteer and professional experience in Human Services/Mental Health, Social Work and School-Based Diversion Programs, her greatest passion lies within her ability to inspire her fellow man to reach their highest potential by recognizing this simple, yet powerful truth: that each and every one of us are gifted with unique abilities, capable of changing the world for the better! 

Her love for life is evident, as she Believes that ALL of our experiences are able to serve us for the good if we allow them to, even amidst the most challenging of times. She reminds us that we all have the potential to be gentler, kinder and more empathetic human beings by focusing our energy on identifying, rather than comparing our journeys with one another. She recognizes the hidden power that is found within our vulnerability and encourages everyone to share their authentic story in order to bring comfort, encouragement and healing to those around them. 


Britni thrives on utilizing creativity as an instrument of healing, while developing artistic projects and programs centered upon the positive advancement, growth, and betterment of all living beings. As an Artist who offers Professional Photography services, Britni also uses her passion to serve as an advocate for youth by creating programs centered around creativity, compassion and positive change.

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