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"The name "Inspire Somebody" is a perfect description of what Britni's Art does and "who" Britni Wilson is. Her art sings of human potential and beauty. It elevates the human Spirit to where it should be, and gives HOPE to those who are fortunate enough to work with her. Her photography grasps at something beyond the lens, that undefinable beauty that is the elevated human Spirit. Britni has worked with children as well as adults, building self-esteem through the gifts of Art and raising their creative gifts to great heights through community workshops and one-on-one opportunities. I fully believe in her, her work and her desire to inspire and share her gift of art with the community. Britni Wilson is the real deal! I am privileged to know her."

—  Patricia Izzo

September 22, 1948  -  February 12, 2021

Fine Arts Photographer & Painter

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